Message From Chairman and Co-Founder

Ismita Bente Hassan - Chairman and Co-Founder, RabComms

Ismita Bente Hassan

Lifestyle Blogger |Women Entrepreneurship| Fashion Designer | Content Creator | Digital Marketing Consultant

  • 12+ years of Co-Founding Couple Business.
  • 10+ years of Lifestyle Blogging.
  • Business Startup Consulting for Women Entrepreneur.
  • Content Creator.
  • Corporate Aseet Management.
  • Brand Development



  • Leadership and Vision: Ismita Bente Hassan is in charge of determining the company’s strategic direction and provide the leadership required to help it reach its objectives. She is entrusted with creating the organization’s long-term vision and making sure that all employees are in accordance with its goal and core values.
  • Business Development: As a co-founder, Ismita is essential to the growth and development of the company. She is in charge of finding new business prospects, forming alliances, and cultivating connections with customers and stakeholders.
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting are all part of Ismita’s responsibilities for managing the company’s finances. To make sure that the business’s finances are in order and that it is functioning within its budget, she collaborates closely with the finance staff.
  • Ismita is in charge of the company’s talent management strategy, which includes finding, hiring, and retaining outstanding people. She collaborates closely with the HR team to design and implement talent management strategies, such as initiatives for employee engagement, performance management, and training and development.

  • Customer relationship management: Ismita is essential in overseeing interactions with significant clients and stakeholders. She works together with the sales and marketing departments to design and implement customer engagement initiatives that drive client loyalty and retention.

RabComms is a well-known software provider with headquarters in Bangladesh that offers cutting-edge and effective software solutions for companies of all kinds. RabComms has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses wishing to streamline their processes and increase efficiency thanks to a team of highly qualified employees and a customer-focused attitude.

Ismita Bente Hassan, a co-founder of the business and a visionary entrepreneur, is in charge of RabComms. Ismita has over 20 years of expertise in the software sector and a thorough awareness of the difficulties faced by companies in the modern digital environment. Her shrewd business judgment and strategic leadership have been crucial to RabComms’ expansion and success.

RabComms has established a reputation for providing high-quality software solutions that are customized to fit the particular requirements of each client under Ismita’s direction. With knowledge and experience in everything from enterprise-level systems to mobile apps and e-commerce platforms, RabComms can offer cutting-edge solutions that keep firms one step ahead of the competition.

RabComms’ dedication to client satisfaction sets it apart from its rivals. Ismita and her team collaborate extensively with each client to fully grasp their unique demands and provide solutions that are unique to them. RabComms offers a seamless and transparent process that guarantees the client is completely engaged and informed throughout the project, from the initial consultation to the final deployment.

Ultimately, any company looking for a dependable and creative software partner should consider RabComms and its Chairman and Co-Founder Ismita Bente Hassan. RabComms is well-positioned to assist clients in achieving their digital transformation goals and expanding their businesses because to their knowledge, experience, and customer-centered approach.

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